Humanity and emotions Placebo lineup Reading Festival

Placebo are known for addressing various emotional issues, primarily regarding failed romantic relationships. In general, their intent is to address “the human condition”.Often the roles that Molko takes on in Placebo’s songs are based on the experiences, and corresponding psychological sicknesses, of both himself and others whom he is acquainted with. When addressing Placebo’s second album, Without You I’m Nothing, Molko said: “Most of these are love songs where I’m trying to come to grips with relationships. They’re frequently told from the point of view of ex-lovers, so at first it may seem like I’m being arrogant, but actually I’m eating humble pie. I’m cutting open a vein and letting it bleed for you.” Molko has stated that the album Battle for the Sun is more optimistic than its predecessors.
Their name draws attention to the psychology aspect of humanity, because it refers to a drug with no therapeutic effects, so any reaction at all is purely psychological (see placebo effect). In other words, there is a tacit reference to the fact that one’s reaction to something can be completely determined by a psychological predisposition, which justifies Placebo’s heavy emphasis on the topic.

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