Side projects Deftones lineup Reading Festival

Deftones members have worked on several side projects such as Carpenter’s group Sol Invicto featuring Eric Bobo of Cypress Hill and Richie Londres of C.L.P. He also worked with a group called Kush, featuring members of Fear Factory and Cypress Hill. Other side projects include Moreno’s Team Sleep and Cunningam’s Phallucy. Deftones’ Frank Delgado has a DJ crew with DJ Crook of Team Sleep, DJ Julez and Matt D Called Decibel Devils. Chino also appeared on the song “Bender” by Sevendust and “Vengeance Is Mine” by Droid. In 2000, Bassist Chi Cheng released a CD composed of his own spoken word poetry, called The Bamboo Parachute. They have also appeared in several DX concerts in the 2006 Taste of Chaos tour.

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