Personal Life of Ian Brown Lineup Reading Festival

Brown is reported to have been nicknamed “King Monkey” by Dodgy’s drummer Mathew Priest.

It is also said that the friendship between The Stone Roses and Happy Mondays, the premier groups of the ‘madchester-era’, produced nicknames that each band used for the other. Ian Brown was known to The Mondays as ‘Mean Boy’ for his intense facial expression.

Brown has had several run-ins with the law. In 1998, he was sentenced to 4 months after a threatening of a stewardess with plastic cutlery, offering to cut her hands off on a flight. Most of his sentence was served at Strangeways jail. In an interview with Dave Haslam he claimed “I saw more rocks in a couple of months in Strangeways than in the whole of the rest of my lifetime.”

In 2005, he was arrested for assault during a San Francisco gig, but no charges were brought.

On 13 June 2008, Ian was dragged from the stage by a member of the crowd whilst performing at Sheffield’s Carling Academy, hitting his head on the concrete floor. He was rushed to hospital where he received 10 stitches to a head wound, but was well enough to perform at the Isle of Wight Festival the following night as a special guest for the Sex Pistols.

Brown was asked to design Adidas Superstars for the 35th anniversary in 2005 and appeared in a cameo role in the movie adaptation of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. The singer became good friends with the movie’s Mexican director Alfonso Cuarón, who has personally promised to direct one of Brown’s future music videos. Brown took only the standard extras fee of £200 for appearing in the film.

Since the demise of the Roses, Brown has stayed in touch with some of the former members. He has performed live with bassist Mani and remains friends with drummer Reni. Both Reni and Mani contributed to the track “Can’t See Me” on Brown’s debut album “Unfinished Monkey Business”.

Brown is a supporter of Manchester United F.C.

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