Music for the Jilted Generation Prodigy Lineup Reading Festival

In 1994, the Prodigy’s second album, Music for the Jilted Generation, was released entering the UK album charts at #1. The album displayed a wider spectrum of musical style with heavy techno and breakbeat-based tracks complemented by the concept sequence The Narcotic Suite, and rock-oriented inclinations (“Their Law”, featuring Pop Will Eat Itself). The album was nominated for a Mercury Music Prize although Howlett had reaffirmed his dedication to making The Prodigy a ‘hard dance band’, commercially successful but without compromise. The band managed to continue to prevent over-exposure in the media by refusing to appear on Top of the Pops or other TV shows in the UK. To this day their only studio appearance on British television came when they appeared on the BBC2 series Dance Energy in 1991 performing “Everybody in the Place”. In the ensuing years their videos received a strong level of support by MTV Europe which boosted their popularity across the continent. Keith Flint himself hosted an episode of the MTV show 120 Minutes in 1995.

Following the international success of Music for the Jilted Generation the band augmented their line-up with guitarist Jim Davies (who, later, joined the group Pitchshifter) in 1995 for tracks such as “Their Law”, “Break and Enter 95”, and various live-only interludes and versions. He was soon to be replaced by Gizz Butt of the band Janus Stark who remained with the band for the next three years. The 1996 release of “Firestarter”, featuring vocals for the first time courtesy of a new-look Keith Flint, helped the band break into the U.S. and other overseas markets, and reached number one in the UK. In this year the Prodigy also headlined the prestigious Lollapalooza festival.

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